The Difference Between Commercially Prepared Juices and Fresh Juices

It has always been part of our lives to drink juice whether it is something that we bought from the grocery store or made at home using a juicer machine. Though it is a healthy habit and that it is a must to drink as many fruit and vegetable juices as we can, it is not necessarily beneficial especially when we are not aware as to what kind juices that we must drink. Drinking commercially prepared juice is not as healthy as drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices. For one, there is a huge difference in the benefits that we get between drinking prepared juices and those juices that we make at home.

Fresh fruit and vegetables that are juiced at home with the use of a juicer machine can assure you of an abundant supply of nutrients. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, phytochemicals and chlorophyll. While there are some of these nutrients that our body produces on its own such as enzymes, drinking fruits and vegetables will supply us with an abundance of it, allowing our body to allot its energy for something else. Other nutrients such as chlorophyll and phytochemicals, are characteristic only to plants but have important nutritive benefits to our body.

These nutrients are very significant to our body than we give them credit for. For example, proteins are needed by the body to create enzymes. While our body can produce its own proteins, fruits and vegetable juices contain an abundant supply of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Protein-rich fruits and vegetable juices are also what vegetarians need in order to consume protein without the need of eating meat.

Carbohydrates provide our body with energy for its bodily functions as well as control one’s levels of cholesterol. Essential fatty acids, which are the only little fat found in fruits and vegetables, are also needed for the body’s energy production.

Vitamins are found in large amounts in fruits and vegetables and they take part, along with minerals and enzymes, in the various chemical reactions in our body. Minerals found in fruits and vegetables are the kinds that are already organic, making it easier for our body to absorb them without the need for extra energy to convert them. Minerals help our body to properly maintain cell functions.

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain enzymes which are destroyed when cooked or process. This makes fresh or raw juices to be unique and absolutely nutrient-rich. These enzymes take over the functions of our own body such as digestion and metabolism, allowing our body to shift its energy to other body functions of equal importance. Those who drink these fruit and vegetable juices therefore spend less energy while increasing them.

Phytochemicals are special plant components that help them in protecting themselves against disease as well as from injury and pollution. People who consume fruit and vegetable juices that are rich in phytochemicals have lower incidences of cancer as well as other diseases. This goes as well as for chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has many health benefits for our body, especially to our circulatory system. It stimulates the blood’s red blood cells in order to improve its oxygen supply as well as help it carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Chlorophyll also helps neutralize pollution in the air that we breathe every day, making it an ideal supplement for smokers. Most of all, chlorophyll is known for its ability to reduce carcinogens from binding to our DNA, making it an effective cancer preventive supplement.

You can only get these nutrients in concentrated form when you extract the juices from fruits and vegetables using a juice machine of juicer extractor. The juicer machine functions to separate the juice from the pulp, giving us pure juice goodness. What does fiber play in our health then?

While fiber is important to our body, it should only be consumed in small relative amounts as the body does not have the capability to digest it. Recommended fiber-rich foods that we must consume include oatmeals and cereals.

Fiber contained in fruits and vegetables are of a different matter. While it is okay to eat fruits and vegetables, the nutrients that you will get from it will take hours before the body can absorb it. The feeling of fullness will also refrain you from eating more, resulting to less nutrients consumed than intended.

In juicing these fruits and vegetables, the juice is separated from the fiber. This saves you from chewing the fiber to extract the nutrients which takes a lot of time. Furthermore, the body absorbs the juices that you drink within a matter of minutes, giving the body a boost of energy that it needs. And without the feeling of fullness that you get after eating a few fruits, you can drink as many glasses of fresh juices as you can and this contains a concentrated amount of nutrients that will take you days to eat.

It is easy to know what you will get from drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juices, the moment that you extract them using a home juicer machine. But how about commercially prepared juices? Here are a few things that you need to know:

There are some companies that claim their juice drinks to be a hundred percent pure fruit or vegetable extract. However, you have to be wary of them as there are instances that these prepared juices really contain sugar-water in spite of what they claim to be. You may think that juices that are packaged in concentrated forms are stocked with a complete nutritive value of the fruit or vegetable. But being already packaged as it is, we are sure of the fact that it already lacks the live component of enzymes that are completely destroyed when processed.

Commercially prepared juices that do not look quite the same as the one that are made homemade may be added with artificial color as well as chemical preservatives that are not beneficial for our body in the long run.

The facts mentioned above just shows how unreliable commercially prepared juices are especially when it comes to the betterment of one’s health. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is absolutely more advantageous to our health, even better than soft drinks, black tea, coffee and commercial juices as well.

One of the best things a fresh fruit and vegetable juice can offer is its ability to heal diet-related diseases. There are a wide variety of nutrients scattered among these fruits and vegetables that are specifically needed to treat or prevent a certain kind of disease. For example, fruits and vegetables that are rich in beta-carotene can prevent lung cancer. Vitamin B6 rich fruit and vegetable juices can be used to treat as well as prevent diabetic hypertension. Other helpful nutrients include vitamin A for heart attacks, cabbage juice for treating ulcers, prune and apple juices for aiding regularity, as well as cucumber and watermelon juices as diuretics.

There are many more benefits that we can get from fruits and vegetables. While most of us are aware of the abundant supply of vitamins and minerals that these fruits and vegetables contain, more and more helpful nutrients are being discovered by experts even up to now. Here are a few instances:

We know that tomato juice is rich in lycopene which can prevent cancer-causing agents from spreading in the body. Tomato juice also contains GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid which helps lower hypertension.

Grapefruit juice contains nutrients such as vitamin C and limonene which also prevents cancer. Drinking grapefruit juice also helps lower one’s cholesterol level.

Citrus juices also contain nutrients called flavonoids that enhance our body’s detoxification system. The phenolocs that are also contained in these kinds of fruits and vegetables can neutralize carcinogens as well.

If we list many more therapeutic functions that we benefit from drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, the list can go on and on. Juices from fresh fruit and vegetables prove to be at the top in helping us treat and prevent various illnesses and diseases in our body. A healthy lifestyle, good exercise and a balanced diet coupled with a daily habit of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices extracted from your home juice extractor will surely assure us of a healthy and bright future.

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